A marriage isn't just a pair of rings. It's a vow to trust and always stand by your partner. It's a friendship that lasts forever.

June 2nd Workshop, 11am - 5pm


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Chace & Allison's Ringed Profile

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  • Palladium and Palladium White Gold metal to match Allison’s engagement ring.

  • “Hello” engraved inside each wedding band (Lionel Richie plays in the background . . .)

  • Allison’s band with have a a couple small twists at the top and Chace’s will be a wide, slightly domed, simple band.


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Chace & Allison's Rings

Allison’s 14K Palladium White Gold Material

3.5mm x 2mm wide (corners will be filed down)


Chace’s Recycled Palladium Material

8mm x 1.25mm ( no 7.5mm with this low domed material)


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Machine engraving for both bands, in lower case:



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