Celebrating 25 years of marriage.

You are both skilled and adept with your hands and have chosen to take the wax carving workshop!



Jeff & Celeste's Ringed Profile

Commemorating 25 years together with new carved wedding bands. Celeste & Jeff's wedding rings will be created with these considered parameters:

  • Durable

  • Organic, possibly wood grain themed

  • "Sharing the good times, bearing the hard times, trusting in love to show us the way. Laughing and living, trusting, forgiving, together forever, side by side, day by day."


Workshop Photos

possible images to be inspired by!



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Step One

Add the Finishing by Allison..

Finishing and Polishing by Allison
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Step two

Add the Final Metal Cost to your Cart.

Celeste's Final Metal Cost

18K Recycled Gold.

Final Payment of $247

Total Cost: $847

$847 - ($500 (first payment) + $100 (credit for old 14K gold ring)) = $247

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Jeff's Final Metal Cost

14K Recycled Palladium White Gold.

Final Payment of $500

Total Cost: $925

$925 - $425(first payment) = $500

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Step Three

Add your final stone setting choices to your cart for both Celeste and Jeff.

Celeste’s Ring (if you would like to have one diamond set in the interior of Jeff’s band, please write this in the invoice notes)

Stone Setting
from 170.00

$100 for large diamond setting + $70 for each small diamond setting

Flush settings:
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Bre Stone Setting

$80 for two more flush stone settings. A total of 5 stones were flush set in Bre’s ring.

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