During your Ringed workshop I will show you two how to make a delicate, woven 14K Recycled Gold band for Deanna and a planished, 6mm 14K gold band, with the woven imagery of Deanna's band etched into the interior for Kevin's band.



Kevin and Deanna's Ringed Profile:

Wedding date of August 26th, 2018!

  • 14K Recycled Gold for both bands
  • Deanna's ring will be size 5.5, 4 - 4.5mm in total width, and 4 melee white diamonds set within the cross sections.
  • Kevin's ring will be a flat band of with a planished textured and etched with Deanna's delicate band detailing on the interior. Size TBD
  • 'Great relationships aren't built in a day. They are built daily.' Thank you for letting Ringed be a part of one day in your relationship! I know this day and it's story will be a memorable one as you view the rings you made for each other over the years.

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Kevin's Ring

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Celeste's Final Metal Cost

18K Recycled Gold.

Final Payment of $247

Total Cost: $847

$847 - ($500 (first payment) + $100 (credit for old 14K gold ring)) = $247

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This pricing includes customization for: 

  • Allison Studio time before the workshop for etching of Kevin’s band and forming of the webbing for Deanna’s ring.

  • $75/hr, 4hrs

  • $300

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Deanna Diamond Melee

This pricing includes customization for small diamonds and flush settings: 

  • 4 diamonds at $60 each = $240

  • 4 flush settings at $80 each = $320

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