Derek & Hailey found each other online and are now committing to join families and lives through love and partnership.


Derek & Hailey

Derek & Hailey

Derek & Hailey's Ringed Profile

Inspired by wood texture, element and detail:

  • 18K Palladium White Gold Bands

  • Considered placement of gem stone for Hailey's band

  • Detail's to be included are a line in Hailey's ring and Pi symbol in Derek's ring. It will be determined if these elements need to be engraved during the workshop.


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Step One

Add the final metal charge to the cart

Derek's 18K Recycled Palladium White Gold Wedding Band

Total Cost of Ring is $843.

Previous invoice was charged $633.

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Hailey's Recycled 18K Palladium White Gold Engagement Ring

Total Ring Cost is: $530

Previous invoice was charged $452.

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Step Two

Add Hailey’s final, pronged setting charge to the basket

Flush Stone Setting
from 80.00

Stone Setting for both diamond and aquamarine melee. $80/stone

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Step Three

Add Derek’s sterling silver ring - resized to fit Hailey and cleaned on the inside

Allison's Labor
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