Together for eight years, enjoying the outdoors and sharing your lives together. It sounds like you are already married in heart and spirit. Now let’s create rings that are imbibed with your love story!



Jessie & Bre's Ringed Profile

Engaged during the eclipse. Nature, mountains and March’s stone to celebrate your anniversary are the theme for your two bands:

  • Simple accents of aquamarine melee and diamonds, flush set

  • flat, low profile rings for comfort and life style

  • wax carved rings with the silhouette of your mountain range!

  • A marriage isn't just a pair of rings. It's a vow to trust and always stand by your partner. It's a friendship that lasts forever.


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Final Cost of Jessie & Bre's 14K Recycled Palladium Wedding Bands

Bre’s 5mm 14K Recycled, Gold Wedding band, estimated wax weight of 1.2 grams ($932)

  • Final Cost = $751

  • $751 - $621.33 (2/3 cost) = $129.67

Jessie’s 5mm 14K Recycled, Gold Wedding band, estimated wax weight of 1.5 grams ($1,182)

  • Final Cost = $865

  • $865 - $788 (2/3 cost) = $77

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Bre Stone Setting

$80 for two more flush stone settings. A total of 5 stones were flush set in Bre’s ring.

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