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You've forged your bond. 

Now it's time to make your rings.


Your rings. Your story.



Ringed is about assisting couples with their story. I do this by teaching two people how to craft each other's wedding bands or engagement rings. With hammers, torches, files, hand saws, and open discussions about your preferences, I facilitate the making of your rings. This intimate, fun, and educational time in my studio is just the first of many stories that these unique and cherished objects will come to represent. Whether you are eloping and desire adventure, or you are planning your wedding and want to be involved in the engagement ring process, my studio offers two distinct and fascinating ways to make rings that complement your union.

One-Day Wedding Workshop


Your wedding rings are not simply inanimate objects. They will represent so much to you both during your ceremony and for the years to follow. I am thrilled to give couples the chance to personally create the symbol of their union. 


Happy Couple Testimonials



Molly & Nathan

“Designing a ring for my wife with Allison was an amazing experience. Discussing my ideas and watching the ring come to life – from drawings and molds – up until I put it on my wife’s hand was magical. Allison was open to my ideas and with her vast knowledge was able to guide the process toward a beautiful result.”


Ladawn & Timothy

"Working with Allison was such a lovely experience. She provided the perfect balance of expertise and guidance paired with the openness and flexibility that allowed us to develop the rings that we wanted. The beauty of the process is that we get to create something that is in our heads with the support of an expert jeweler. This is simply something that would not have been possible in any other setting. Allison is easy going and a joy to work with. We highly recommend working with her!"


Mary & Cliff

This experience was truly a one in a lifetime type of event. Knowing I'll only be married once in my life to the love of my life adding to it a memory of creating a ring as unique as my relationship was the only way to go. From start to finish Allison walked us through the steps, the options, and most importantly the treasure we were creating through this activity. Creating our rings with her has been unforgettable and they turned out truly amazing.