This project is about taking Justine's favorite brass ring and transforming it into a family heirloom. The initial stage will be perfecting the brass ring form, molding the ring and casting it into 14K Recycled Gold. Through thought and discussion the second stage will consist of engraving and possible small diamonds be set within the gold structure.


'For Placeholder Only' Image - Replace with image of clients.

'For Placeholder Only' Image - Replace with image of clients.

Justine's Ringed Profile

  • Turn a favorite ring into a family heirloom
  • Create a mold that allows for further castings if desired in the future
  • 14K Recycled Yellow Gold

          Anyone may have diamonds: an heirloom is an ornament of quite a different                kind.

           - Elizabeth Aston



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Step One

Justine's Ring

Justine's 14K Recycled Yellow Gold Ring

14K Recycled Yellow Gold - $1,256

Labor 5hrs at $75/hr - $375

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Step Two

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