Hello you two!! It was such a pleasure spending the day with you both. Your rings look fantastic and will look even better complete, on, and as symbol of your love for one another. As promised I will be mailing the waxes off today and will email Mary with a picture when they are returned before taking them to the stone setter. We will get these beauties way before your May 14th nuptials! As

The final invoice is below, which includes the remainder of the metal cost, purchase of stones and stone setting.



Mary & Cliff's Ringed Profile

A cast ring has great symbolism. It has no solder seam and thus is a continuous circle. The rings I help you two create will never end just as your commitment and love for one another!

  • Organic, handmade, artistic
  • Preferred Patterns; branch and stone like, undulating, rich texture
  • Possible planished finished work along with polishing.
  • March 6th, 10am - 4pm with an hour long lunch break.

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