How it Works

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Fabricate your Rings by Hand

Through a step-by-step, hands on tutorial, I will guide the two of you through the basics of metalsmithing. Each of you will learn how to cut, sand, form, solder, texture and complete your desired finish within the one-day workshop.

There are several different point of customization that each couple can choose:

  • band width
  • metal alloy
  • Finish
  • ring size 

Couples typically finish in 4 hours but please plan for up to a 6 hour workshop. Most couples leave with their wedding bands that day. Please note if engraving or stone setting is desired you will receive your completed rings within four weeks of the workshop date. 

Wax Carving Workshop.jpg


Carve your Rings out of Wax

Wax carving is my favorite! An old jeweler's belief is that a ring without a solder seam, a cast ring that has no end and no beginning but is a continuous circle, is a perfect symbol of love and commitment.

If the two of you have an organic form, intricate surface texture, want your ring to perfectly fit next to your engagement ring, a stand out, engaging design, or any other idea that needs an ebb and flow of thick to thin metal than the carving workshop is the right one for you both. The old carving adage about seeing what is inside the material is true. The beauty of carving is that your design can and most likely will change as you handle and manipulate the materials with precision jeweler's tools.

 In this one-day workshop I will show you how to take a block of wax and slowly, cut, file and carve away to your desired form. Once this is complete I will have it cast using the lost wax casting process into your preferred metal alloy. After waxes are cast into metal, they need clean-up and polishing. You will have the choice of coming back to my studio for a polishing workshop or let me complete this last step for you.